About Us

Pardoo Station was established in the 1860s and has played a significant role in the Pilbara region’s rich pastoral history.

The station was purchased by Pardoo Beef Corporation in 2015 and is the hub of a $200 million development to establish a world-class West Australian Wagyu beef industry.

Pardoo Beef Corporation plans to establish a regional breeding herd of more than 100,000 Wagyu animals by 2031, and is working with its pastoral partners and relevant government agencies to develop 6,000 hectares of irrigated crops using groundwater from regional water resources.

Our vision will improve profitability of the Pilbara rangelands by producing a higher value product for lucrative Asian markets, and increase productivity by allowing Pilbara pastoralists to run herds which better match the region’s environmental capacity.

The broader regional project will create up to 750 full-time jobs and lead to a northern abattoir and feeding and cold storage facilities, contributing an estimated $1.8 billion to the WA economy.

Pardoo Beef Corporation works closely with the Ngarla people, the Traditional Owners of Pardoo Station, the Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation and Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation to ensure shared community benefits are achieved.

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For more information on Pardoo Beef Corporation and the pastoral operations of Pardoo Station visit our corporate website.